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Published by Admin on September 8, 2022

Features and Properties of Access Covers of Ductile Iron

Features and Properties of Access Covers

Manhole Covers

Individual needs can be satisfied with a custom cable protection combination thanks to the wide selection of ductile iron access covers that complement our access chamber systems.

Design options for Ductile Iron coverings can be customized to meet specific client requirements. Additionally, a number of locking mechanisms can be added to covers.

How our access does cover function? To safeguard the infrastructure networks underneath, Bengal Iron Corporation access covers are utilized in conjunction with access chamber systems.

Our Ductile Covers are produced employing a locking, sequential cover opening method and are indexed to assure proper fitment.

Strong Iron Access Cover Features and Properties


Our Access chamber covers have security features that can be added using a convenient feature such as a spring bar, captive hinge, factory-installed security bolts, and screws, or by providing the ability for a locking kit to be retrofitted.

Cover Access for Safety

The risk of injury from the static lifting of ironwork has been reduced by the introduction of a wide variety of hinged access covers and gully grates.


Due to their lengthy lifespans, ductile iron access covers save the end user money on replacement expenses. The sitting contact regions, frame thickness, and controlled manufacturing tolerances all work to provide optimal performance.

Design for Quality Assurance

British Standards Institute independent testing and certification of Ductile Iron Covers under the BS EN ISO 9001 Quality System

Rough Performance

With less sophisticated material, we design and produce a wide variety of novel features while still achieving considerable weight savings.

Locking Safety

Locking lids on the frame and cover assist in preventing tragedies from occurring during routine labor. For sewage pipeline inspection, the covers lock open at a 130o angle and lock at a 90o angle.

Ergonomic Flexibility

Sick of stooping to move those cumber some covers? Our top cast iron drainage covers are made to be easily opened with a light pull while fully standing, by simply inserting a crowbar or other standard waterworks instrument at a 35-degree angle.

Easy-Access Hinge

Instead of lifting cumbersome ductile iron coverings, just swing the manhole cover up and out of the way. By integrating heavy-duty hinges with the rings and covers, you can maintain the same level of pressure and cut your workers’ compensation claims in half.

Resilient Ductile Iron

Our complete cover system is made of the strongest, most resilient ductile iron, minimizing maintenance and extending lifespan at half the weight and four times the strength. This includes the traditional key opening and the sturdy, long-lasting frame.

Connect with us and get your desired ductile iron access covers delivered anywhere in India. Follow our official page for more info.


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