Soil Pipes & Fittings

BIC is an Indian pioneer in the manufacturing of soil pipes & fittings. We are proud to be the only company in the country that manufactures a wide range of heavy pipes & fittings as per IS 1729:2002.


  1. Material: Grey Cast Iron
  2. Nominal Sizes: 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm
  3. Length: Max. 1.8 m (cut pipes available)
  4. Paint: Black, both inside and outside


  1. Discharge of Soil and Waste
  2. Discharge of Rainwater
  3. Ventilation
Soil Pipes_S_Antisyphon
Bengal India Corporation_S Trap
Soil Pipes-S_Reducer2
Soil Pipes_S_PTrap
Soil Pipes_S_PlainY
Soil Pipes_S_PlainT
Soil Pipes_S_PlainBend
Soil Pipes_S_Antisyphon
Soil Pipes_Passover
Soil Pipes_Offset
Soil Pipes_NahaniTrap
Soil Pipes_HandHole
Soil Pipes_HalfBend
Soil Pipes_DoubleT
Soil Pipes_DoubleDoorT
Soil Pipes_DoorY
Soil Pipes_DoorT
Soil Pipes_DoorBend
Soil Pipes_Cowl

Bengal Iron Corporation
Founded in 1965, BIC has created a legacy of trust for itself in manufacturing and supplying premium cast iron products specialising in manhole covers, pipes and pipe fittings.

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