Rajkot Machine Tools Exhibition

One of BIC’s mission statements is to continually explore leading technology and adopt them considering key factors of quality improvements, productivity gains, environmental impact and profitability. Following this yardstick, two engineers from our company visited the 7th Rajkot Machine Tools Show (RMTS) on 28th November 2018. With increasing global demand, it has become imperative for all industries to upgrade their equipment and utilize robotic mechanization to its fullest. The cast iron manufacturing industry is no different. Traditionally, a lot of the Howrah foundries have relied on manual labour. This was good for a time when cheap labour was readily available. However, with increasing purchasing powers of the Indian household, finding skilled labourers willing to work in foundries is becoming increasingly difficult. Industrial automation is no longer a choice. It is the only way forward to even stay relevant. At RMTS, some cutting-edge Indian technology was at display aimed at increasing productivity manifold while simultaneously reducing the probability of errors. Automated pipe cutting machines, IoT powered CNC and VMC machines, laser tools, Industry 4.0 setups and AI-powered software were some of the highlights BIC has been manufacturing custom cast iron industrial parts for decades now. As new customers are acquired, the requirements too change. In order to cater to larger volumes and narrower tolerances, a decision was made on the spot at the exhibition to purchase some of this equipment. As these equipment are assembled and delivered to our facility in Kolkata, we at BIC are thrilled to be growing. We are excited to be serving our existing customers faster and better, and at the same time taking on new challenges with new relationships.


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