This is a step-by-step guide for connecting BIC hubless pipe and fittings with BIC couplings. These suggestions are based upon accepted international industry standards and practices.

Important Points to Note

Ensure that the pipe ends have been cut straight and clean.
To prevent movement, pipes and fittings should be suitably braced by the use of blocks, rodding or other suitable methods wherever necessary.

Coupling Material

Coupling Shield: SS304
Rubber Gasket: EPDM

The Hubless Couplings gaskets are made of EPDM rubber conforming to IS 15905:2011. Chemical characteristics of EPDM assure that the gasket will not decay or deteriorate from contact with effluents in the pipe, or chemicals in the soil or air around the pipe.

BIC SS304 Coupling with EPDM Gasket

Joining Procedure

  1. Loosen screws, separate SS304 shield and EPDM rubber gasket.                                                     BIC Hubless
  2. Insert one spigot into the gasket and slip the shield over. Bengal Iron hubless pipes
  3. Insert spigots into the gasket from both sides and ensure they sit evenly and firmly on the rim inside. BIC Hubless Pipes
  4. Move the shield over the gasket and screw alternately to a tight fit. 

BIC Multiple Hubless

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ARVIND PATEL · January 21, 2020 at 9:30 am

Wee need 100 mm SS-304 , Shiled hubless cupling Qty 250 pc

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