Soil Pipes & Fittings

BIC is an Indian pioneer in the manufacturing of soil pipes & fittings. The BIC brand is synonymous with traditional soil pipes and fittings, which we have been manufacturing since 1965. We are proud to be manufacturing a wide range of heavy pipes & fittings as per IS 1729:2002. 

In the manufacturing process, we perform a hydrostatic test on each and every pipe. This ensures 100% of our pipes are leak proof. It is because of this guarantee that we are trusted by major organizations that have used our products in iconic projects such as IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal Medical Services Corporation, Armed Forces Housing, Agartala and Guru Gobind Singh Medical Hospital among many others.


  1. Material: Grey Cast Iron
  2. Nominal Sizes: 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm
  3. Length: Max. 1.8 m (cut pipes available)
  4. Paint: Black, both inside and outside


  1. Discharge of Soil and Waste
  2. Discharge of Rainwater
  3. Ventilation