Manufacturing, like magic, transforms thoughts and ideas into physical, tangible products. Bengal Iron Corporation is an industry expert with decades of experience casting products for a better, safer and cleaner future. We are an ISO 9001:2015 company with a strong quality policy committed to the satisfaction of its esteemed customers.

Founded in 1965, BIC is a premier manufacturer in India of ductile iron and cast iron products such as manhole covers, gratings and surface boxes, pipes and fittings, ornamental castings, and industrial castings. With an in-house machine shop, laboratory, load testing machines, shot blasting equipment as well as pattern making capabilities we pride ourselves to be able to closely monitor our processes from raw material procurement to quality checking of finished goods. This ensures we provide superior quality and enables high customizability.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Howrah, West Bengal that boasts of an annual manufacturing capacity of 10,000 MT. The production is monitored by qualified engineers and a nearly 250 strong work force. Our head office is in Kolkata along with branches in Delhi and Bangalore. Additionally, an extensive export network enables us to serve customers from 15+ countries in 5 continents across the world.


We aspire to be India’s most preferred manufacturer of premium quality construction castings with export bases around the world.

In the continuous pursuit of manufacturing and supplying premium quality castings, we strongly adhere to the following:

1.  Forward Thinking Attitude:

  • We will step out of our comfort zones, stretch beyond our current limits, and make fast, well calculated decisions. 
  •  We will be adaptive & responsive to industry trends, reinvent our capabilities and discover our potentials in the process.

2.  High Impact Team:

  • We will hire people who are extraordinarily good at their job.
  • We will regularly conduct attitude training and skill building for all levels of the organization to upgrade our team.
  • We will develop a strong work culture of rewarding star performers.
  • We recognize that only through effective teamwork can we achieve our goals.

3.  Consistency of Product & Experience:

  • We will not compromise on the quality of our product for cheap short term gains. Our core value of quality consciousness exemplifies this.
  • We will do everything possible to transform customers into lifetime admirers of BIC and our products. 

4.  Process Driven:

  • We will continuously strive to adopt world class systems to become highly productive, ethical, documented and efficient.
  • We will keenly observe global industry leaders to achieve this and periodically review our systems to update them.

5.  Technology Leadership:

  • We will explore all leading technology in our industry and adopt them whenever required.
  • Our technological adoption will be based on quality improvements, environmental impact, processes and profitability.

6.  Uphold our Brand Legacy:

  • We will ensure maximum visibility through online as well as offline marketing.
  • Our employees will be recognized as one of the best in the industry. A pride of association will be linked with BIC. 

      1.      Growth & Learning: We are growing. We will continue to grow. There is no limit to growth. With continuous learning, we will always stay on the path of growth.

      2.      Integrity: We deliver what we commit to all our team members and channel partners. We do our level best to be fair even in adverse situations. 

      3.      Quality Conscious: We ensure that the raw materials we purchase meet our stringent requirements. We do not compromise on the quality and functionality of our finished goods. We are quick to replace any items that a customer feels are not up to the mark.

      4.      Karm Hi Dharm: We never shy away from hard work.We believe that the eternal duty of a human being is to give 100% to their work without cutting corners. Loosely translated, work is worship.

      5.      Social Responsibility: We are fortunate for all the opportunities that we have received. We utilize 0.1%of our annual turnover for social causes to improve lives in whichever way we can.