About Us


Our mission is to provide the best quality cast iron products for infrastructure projects and shape a leading-edge industry. We do this through endless improvement and development, creating a value-based community, forging strong business partnerships and developing our employees thereby creating shared success.


To become the premier cast iron manufacturer in India and overseas by providing the utmost in value added services to our customers, and in doing so, delivering superior returns to our stakeholders.


We believe in building open and honest relationships with all our stakeholders through effective communication.


Building a positive team enables us to enjoy a productive work environment.


Each of us takes serious responsibility for our roles and actions enabling us to find effective solutions.


We strive for excellence in all our activities ranging from manufacturing to customer service.


We are firm believers in the life-long process of learning and improving ourselves.


We pride ourselves in our ability to meet deadlines and appreciate the same in all our transactions.

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